I’m a digital Product Designer & Product Design Leader from Hamburg. My mission is to build useful, simple and innovative digital products, which make customers happy and keep them engaged. 

I’m deeply convinced that a collaborative, holistic and insights-driven design approach is key to build outstanding digital products. With my Product Workshops, Product Coaching and tools you can learn how to create products customers are excited about. 

I also love to write on my blog produktbezogen. If you think your digital product isn’t attracting enough customers or your UX or Product Team isn’t making the impact you’re hoping for, I’m happy to help.


Product Workshops

Improve your user focus, speed and teamwork at the same time with doing Product Vision workshops, Persona workshops, User Journey and Prototyping workshops.

Product Coaching

Get the best out of your UX or Product Team with Team Workshops or Coaching sessions for individual development.

Holistic Product Design

Simple, understandable & useful product designs for your digital product – mobile, web, app or software interfaces. Informed and validated by user research and data.